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Last Night's Strikeouts

Last night's strikeouts really aren't that surprising when you think about it.

Chris Young is a good pitcher but that isn't the only reason for the number of whiffs.  Young is 6-10 in height.  The young Marlins are probably not use to seeing the release point and angles from that tall of pitcher.

Young probably releases the ball from 8' above the ground.  I can guarantee you this, the pitching machine is never set up that high.  Also given the length of his arms and legs, besides throwing down to hitter, he is releasing the ball about 56' away from home.

This is a lot to adjust to, especially when you haven't seen it before and let's face it, they aren't exactly known for their skills as contact hitters at this point in their careers.

It was just another lesson in their development as hitters and there are many yet to come.