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Willingham may be Out for the Series

Josh has some other problems besides his stiff back. MRI showed that he has a strained tendon in his hand.

Willingham, who missed time this spring with back soreness, said he felt discomfort after swinging through a Jason Schmidt pitch in the ninth inning of Tuesday's game.

"I really had to extend and I felt something in my hand, like a tingle or twinge," Willingham said. "I was sore that night, and I picked up a bat the next day and was really sore."

Manager Joe Girardi said the MRI confirmed the diagnosis, and Willingham is day to day.

Willingham is expected to miss the rest of the games with the Padres and is hopeful for the series against Atlanta which starts on Tuesday.

Since it is so early in his major league career, I am going to hold off making comparisons with Preston Wilson or any other players who had promising talent but ended up having a series of injuries, year after year, that never allowed them to reach: "what might have been".

But I will say this, an alarm went off in my head and a bit of concern.  Still it is way too early to make this call.