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Day Off Today

The Marlins, taking the advice of John Soule, "go west young man."

And you thought it was Horace Greeley who originated that statement.  Look at all the fun facts you learn at FishStripes.  We are, practically, a final Jeopardy gold mine.

Okay, maybe not.

Anyway, the Fish are heading out for a 10-day (not counting today), 9 game road trip.  I like it when the team is out west - I normally get to see every pitch of the games.  Sure it ends late, but I don't care.

I will go out on limb and say: the Marlins will do better on this road trip than the last one.  Considering the team lost seven straight on the road last time, it shouldn't be too hard to improve upon that.

Marlins baseball resumes tomorrow in Colorado with the young ones making their first trip to Coors Field.

Please consider this an open thread.