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The Dontrelle Willis Show

Normally, this post would feature the Dontrelle Willis Show.  But for some reason it wasn't on the 790 AM The Ticket website.

Whether it didn't take place or wasn't archived, I cannot say.

It is probably just as well though, since the Heat are still in the playoffs and I don't think I could have suffered through another interview with Dontrelle about the Heat.

Speaking of the Heat, I finally saw one of their games last night.  I can only assume they have shot free throws better in the previous games.  If they didn't, I'm at a loss to understand how they won any of them.

The other thing that caught my attention was the number of unforced turnovers (is that a basketball stat) that both teams had in the game.

I don't watch pro basketball at all but that looked like a pretty sloppy game.  But maybe they all look like that, I sure wouldn't know.

I do hope the Heat will win the next game in order to win the series in Miami.  It is always good for a hometown team do well.