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Yeah, But what did you expect

Almost every news article written today and most of yesterday is lamenting the fact the Marlins aren't winning.

Marlins fans, that scarcest of breeds, are hurting because their team is beyond bad. Not only are the Marlins last in the major leagues in attendance, but they have the fewest wins in the NL, their batters have the most strikeouts, their pitchers have the most walks and their fielding percentage is the worst.

They're even last in the majors in sacrifice flies.

On the bright side: Florida has grounded in the fewest double plays of any team. That's because double plays require base runners.

The team has six rookies as starters and for as talented as they are - they are still rookies.

I didn't expect them to come out of the gate and set the world on fire - it just wasn't going to happen.  My hope was to see them get better as the season progresses.

If you haven't supported a young team before it can be hard.   As fans we invest time, emotion and energy into following our favorite team and we are seeing few positive results as measured by the League.  The only thing we are seeing is a young talented team that is trying very hard but who continually comes up short.

Those of us who followed the 1998 team know the feeling of following a young inexperienced club.  But the 1998 team doesn't equate to this team.

Back in 1991, I was a fan of the Houston Astros who won only 65 games and finished next to last in attendance for the year.

The team had some veterans but it was mainly composed of a group of very young guys named:  Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, Steve Finley, Luiz Gonzalez, Darryle Kile and Curt Schilling.

Needless to say it wasn't long until the team showed a mark improvement.  In fact the very next year they won 81 games.

I have no idea how this team will progress but they do remind me of 1991 Astros.  Not the 1998 Marlins.