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RFK Fun!

So I had a grand old time at the game last night.  

I decided to go by myself and splurge on a good ticket - better than I would normally get for my broke-ass self, anyway.  I wanted to make sure I got a good view of all the new guys and really got into the game experience, and it was great!  It was also kind of nice not having to worry about anyone else (I usually go in large groups of friends - which is cool, but a whole different thing).  

I didn't take a camera, since I don't own one... so you guys don't get any cool pictures to look at (sorry - I suck), but here are my impressions -

I sat right in front of four older gentlemen (all at least seventy, I would say) who had been baseball fans and amateur players since they were kids.  They talked knowledgably and appreciatively about the game, throughout.  They cracked my ass up - including one guy yelling at his friends - "When the hell did you start coming to games and NOT drinking beer!  What's a baseball game without beer!?!?!"  The coolest part was that these guys remembered all the old senators players and also knew all the Nats - although they had to ask me what Christian Guzman's name was.  Frankly, if I was a Nats fan, I'd try and forget him, too.

There were actually a decent number of Marlins fans at the game, too - especially in my section.  I didn't get to talk to any of them (we were too far away, and frankly I was enjoying my solitude, broken by the old guys), but we did get up and cheer at each other when good things happened for our team, annoying the crap out of the Nats faithful.  If any of them check the site - thanks for making me feel happy to be alive my friends!

For those of you who haven't been around here long, you might not now - I have never actually been to a Marlins home game.  I know, I suck...  but I recently decided that I have to figure out how to get down there later this summer and catch a couple of games.  Last night confirmed this, for I must say it is a nice feeling to have actual fans of your team around you when you go to a game...

My favorite moments of the night were in the ninth (of course).  When Uggla was up to bat to start it off with the score still tied... before he doubled he hit a ball foul that JUST MISSED going out.  And I mean he got EVERY INCH of that ball.  It was a screamer - and everyone in the park just froze.  All the Washington fans were completely scared that some kid named Uggla had just ruined their night.  About two seconds after it came down foul and while everything was still quiet some kid a couple rows behind me yelled out "Better not throw that SAME pitch again!!!"  

I just about peed myself - and the kid was serious!  AND it was good advice, because I'm pretty sure that was the pitch that Uggla lined to the wall for the double to start of the rally.  

Good times.

Then - they brought in Cordero.  They try and make it a production there at RFK when he comes in (a la Hoffman/Rivera, etc.), but I just can't take him THAT seriously.  However - there was definitely a feeling in the house that this game was over.  I mean - the Marlins had a five run lead and lost it - and this game looked destined for extra innings.  I don't know about you, but I'd take their pen over ours any day.  Not that their's is necessarily all that great, but...

This game was over.  No way the Marlins recover from that, right?  I was certain of it - the Nats fans were certain of it.  NO ONE thought that Hanley would do anything other than strikeout.  

Then he muscled out a bloop pinch hit - just enough to win the game.  

It was magic, I tell ya.

Of course - the game was meaningless.  Nats/Marlins - who cares, right?  I doubt it will even really turn around the fortunes of the team in any meaningful way... but it is nice to know that they can indeed recover for once from losing a big lead and come bck on a good reliever and win a damn ball game (by one run!) in the ninth.  It made me happy.  I'm sure they did it just for me.

Go Fish!