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IBB Cabrera at Your Own Risk

Going into the season a lot of analysts thought that Cabrera would have Bonds-like intentional walks.  While he has had his share, it hasn't worked out well for the other team.

The Marlins figured Cabrera would get his share of intentional walks. What they didn't know was how often they would make opponents regret the move.

Cabrera has drawn nine intentional passes. In the next at-bat, the Marlins are 4 for 6 with a homer, a sacrifice fly, two walks and nine RBI.

The boys behind him are making them pay for the free passes to first.  I'm not surprised that they are taking advantage of the opportunity but I didn't think it would happen this early in the season.

I loved what Willingham had to say about it:

"Keep walking him," Willingham said. "Whoever is hitting behind him, me, whoever it is, as a hitter that's the situation you want to be in..."

The young ones aren't seeing this as a slight but as ducks on the pond which are just sitting there waiting to be collected.

Got to love the attitude.