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Portland Waiting in the Shadows

Portland is waiting and watching the events concerning a new stadium in South Florida.

You might have noticed the recent news out of San Antonio, that the city's deadline for the Florida Marlins to commit to relocation has passed and pursuit has ended.

In response, there was word from Major League Baseball President-Chief Executive Officer Bob DuPuy assuring San Antonio it would be the Marlins' fallback option should the team fail to reach a stadium deal in South Florida. And Marlin President David Samson's quote: "We have always stated South Florida is our first priority, but we continue to recognize San Antonio as a viable relocation option."
   Such rhetoric isn't enough to discourage Drew Mahalic, the Oregon Sports Authority CEO, who says he believes the Marlins still consider Portland a viable option as well.


"Our conversations (with the Marlins) continue. We do what we can behind the scenes to be ready in case things do go sour there and they need to relocate."

The reason I am posting this is just to keep you informed.  I have already put forward my thoughts on Portland.

The team is going to stay in South Florida if a deal can be reached. Though there is still much work to be done, it is starting to show a little bit of promise.

If it all falls through, please don't, Portland may still be in the running.

Once again, it is just to let you know all the players in the game.