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San Antonio - I'm not dead yet

With 12 days remaining on the May 15 deadline set by San Antonio, Marlins officials are going to view potential sites for the stadium.

Claude Delorme, the Marlins' senior vice president/stadium development, and two others -- but not president David Samson -- are expected to join Bexar County (San Antonio) Judge Nelson Wolff on the tour. Samson said the meeting was ``scheduled four weeks ago, and we have continued to tell San Antonio that South Florida is our first choice. We are pleased with the very recent progress that has been made with Miami-Dade County and the city of Hialeah.''

Wolff has given the Marlins a May 15 deadline to accept his offer to ask voters to extend a hotel and car rental tax to help finance a stadium.

There probably isn't anything to read into this other than the organization is just fulfilling an agreement set a month ago.  

No matter how attractive the site may be, I can't see the Marlins meeting the deadline in twelve days.

In strange, other news about a future home for the team:

We've heard MLB officials aren't exactly thrilled with the prospects of placing a team in the farthest corner of Miami-Dade County on the site of a former industrial dump; in response, they've started working on their own ballpark plan for downtown Miami, commissioning renderings and quietly taking with local officials. No one -- including city and county officials or MLB folks -- expects a ballpark in Hialeah to succeed, and the more this is drawn out the more precarious the finances of the Marlins appear to be.

I have no idea about credibility of the source but I find it hard to believe.  The part I find hard to believe is not that MLB may think a downtown location would be a better location for the club.  What I find hard to believe is for this to happen, given all the other previous attempts, MLB would need to be willing to break tradition and pledge money to the construction of the stadium.

I just don't see it.  Perhaps I am wrong.