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Willingham Alligator Hunter?!?

Josh and a buddy went fishing in the Everglades taking advantage of Thursday's off-day.

He tells the tale on his blog.

I hooked a gator Thursday. Not on purpose. He hit my bait and I had him for about five seconds.

I've actually caught one on a fishing rod and brought it on to the bank. It was a 4-footer in Jupiter during spring training. I grabbed it by the back of the neck. Used some long needle-nose pliers and got the hook out. He wasn't a very big gator and they don't have a lot of power opening their mouth, so all you do is put your hands on the back of their head and they can't open it. And you grab it. I saw that once on Crocodile Hunter.

Uh, Josh.  You can forget about the nickname "Hammer", if you keep pulling this stunt your nickname will soon be "Hook".

I appreciate the fact that you got the fishing lure out of the animal's mouth, there is no reason for them to suffer needlessly, but Dude, a 4-foot gator can take a pound of meat with one bite.

Would it be possible to rewrite his contract so that messing with alligators is one of those forbidden activities.  Just a thought, but I am starting to think we may really need that clause.