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Top Choice

Most articles written about the fans attending the games of this series have been of this genre.

When Marlins pinch-hitter Miguel Olivo struck out to end Florida's 7-4 loss to the Mets on Saturday, a happy cheer erupted so loud that Dolphin Stadium sounded like Shea Stadium.

"They can cheer for whoever they want to cheer,'' Olivo said when asked about the pro-Mets sentiment among the 13,037 who attended the Marlins' home game.

As most of you know Tom Glavine took a perfect game into the sixth inning yesterday when it was broken up by Reggie Abercrombie.

You also probably know that when a pitcher is in that kind of zone no one in the dugout mentions he is throwing a perfect game.

Well, that rule doesn't apply to the ones above the dugout.

Tom Glavine couldn't help but be aware of his perfect-game bid. The Marlins fans by the dugout repeatedly reminded him in an attempt to jinx him.

We may not have a lot of fans attending the games but the ones we do have are Top Choice.