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Throwback Friday is Back

A tradition for the Marlins players has been resurrected.  Oh sure, it is only three years old but around here - that's a tradition.

When many of the Marlins were traded last winter, a tradition left with them.

But Willis has resurrected ''Throwback Friday,'' a home-game tradition in which players wear vintage jerseys and uniforms to the ballpark. He and then-Marlin Juan Pierre started the tradition during the 2003 season.

Willis said he feels it helps build camaraderie.

In order to ensure the tradition's success, Willis brought in a box containing about two-dozen vintage jerseys and gave them to his teammates.

So how do the new Marlins feel about this:

"They looked at me crazy when I first said it, now they're all excited," Willis said. "Sometimes you get so caught up in wanting to be successful, it's not fun. Sometimes you have to have fun, regardless of what's going on around you." ...

"So relax.  Let's have some fun out here.  This game's fun..."
                                                                          Crash Davis