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Day Off Today

The Marlins get the day off today.

Which isn't a bad thing since most of the young pitchers will be nursing hangovers and hopefully not wondering why their new heart shaped tattoo says "Bambi" in the middle of the design.

It also gives time for Matt Herges to spend with his wife and new born baby.

Joe probably talked to Aunt Marge all afternoon and into the evening.  My guess is: it is probably hard to have a quick conversion with Aunt Marge while she is standing out on the front lawn, by the sign, blowing an air horn and at the top of her lungs proclaiming to all the neighbors what Joey has done.  It is just a guess but it is my guess.

Dontrelle probably played ball with some intercity kids and worked on a way to get them new uniforms until dark.

The others, your guess is as good as mine.  Feel free to present them in the comments.

Lastly, We actually swept somebody at home!

This, by the way, is an open thread.