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The Dontrelle Willis Show

It is once again time for the Dontrelle Willis Show as presented by 790 AM The Ticket.

This week's show the hosts want to talk only about the Heat.  D-Train obliges sort of, being the good guy he is.  It becomes apparent to even the clueless hosts of the show that Dontrelle would rather talk about the sweep.

The Dontrelle Willis Show

I'm starting to lose some respect for Dan LeBatard and "Stugotz" after their second straight crappy interview and them trying to drive this one straight into the gutter.

Our boy, Dontrelle handles it all very well.

But one thought did come to mind, do these guys even watch the Marlins games at all?

Aside: In the interview, they mention the incident where Girardi grabs Olsen by the shirt and has a talk to him. I would say "with him" but I think it was all one sided. Click on the the link for more: Girardi-Olsen