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Time Changes Everything

If you remember the picture of Dontrelle Willis and Mike Jacobs celebrating after the walk off hit against the Cubs.  Well, it isn't the first time that it has happened in franchise history.

The Marlins' three-game sweep of the Cubs was their first against Chicago since June 2000. The Marlins punctuated those victories with a raucous off-field celebration after a game-winning homer by Cliff Floyd in the third game -- joy that drew a rebuke from a Cubs catcher by the name of Girardi.


''I think, for a young team, they have an arrogance about them,'' Girardi told a WQAM-AM (560) radio reporter then, in reference to the celebration. ``It's bad. I think they show people up.''

Six years later when asked whether he remembered his comments from that day.

''I remember,'' Girardi said Wednesday.

It's funny how time and being placed in the shoes of those who are struggling for any win they can get, will cause one to change their mind about when a celebration is just pure joy.

That, or there was no way to tackle all 21 guys who were running onto the field.