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Response to all of the Trade Rumors

Fishfan24, yesterday, in the comments posted what I think was the SI story about various teams scouting Willis.  It may have been the Fox Sports article or even the ESPN one.  Shoot everybody ran one yesterday.

Someone close to the organization had this to say:

Contrary to published reports, the Marlins are not entertaining offers for Dontrelle Willis yet, according to a source close to the front office. One National League general manager calls the Marlins at least once every two weeks to ask about the left-hander and is told he is not on the trading block. Insiders believe that could change in July.

I don't have any trouble believing they aren't entertaining offers.  One, it doesn't make sense right now and two, there was a quote from a GM of another team who confirmed that the Marlins weren't shopping Willis at the present time.  I don't have the time to go find the quote at the moment but if you really want to see it I will at some later time.

The speculation is out there and the fact some teams have been sending scouts to his starts isn't much of a surprise.  Most every team already has scouts in South Florida, thanks to the minor leagues.  So sending them to Miami, if you will, on the possible chance that Dontrelle becomes available isn't that big of a deal.