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Fight! Fight!

When Joe Girardi took over as manager and promised a Yankees style of approach to managing the team, I naively thought of a Joe Torre approach.  Little did I know the team would wind up mirroring one managed by Billy Martin.

Marlins starting pitcher Scott Olsen will take the mound tonight with the remnants of a shiner under his left eye, courtesy of a punch thrown by teammate Randy Messenger, a source said Monday.

Neither player would discuss what happened, but the source said Olsen and Messenger were involved in a fracas late Saturday or early Sunday.

Nice to see the boys were out late in the evening enjoying themselves.

From my understanding they are actually friends.  Now, that's not what I do with my friends but who am I to judge how others relate to their friends.

If you saw the game last night when the camera panned in for a close up of the dugout, Olsen's shiner was very obvious.  Tommy even made mention of it during the broadcast.

I have to admit: we may not win much but it is never boring.