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Hermida No Where in Sight

Jeremy Hermida may have re-aggravated his injury in last night's game in Jupiter.

"It just tightened up a little bit while I was playing," Hermida said. "I'll just ice it down and see how it feels tomorrow."

Hermida had been scheduled to play in an extended spring-training game today in Port St. Lucie, which would have allowed him to lead off every inning.

But after the game Monday, Hermida said he wouldn't play today and instead plans to go to Dolphin Stadium, where he'll have team doctors evaluate him.

Marlins manager Joe Girardi said he didn't think the team would be able to activate him Wednesday as he had hoped.

Not good news at all for the young Mr. Herminda or the Marlins.

Maverick has his take on it and I think he is spot on.