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Ramirez Out for a few Days

Ramirez shoulder injury, apparently, wasn't that bad.  At least that is the official press release.

An MRI performed on Wednesday confirmed that shortstop Hanley Ramirez has a left shoulder strain that will require a couple days' rest.

Ramirez said that he felt the shoulder pop out and then back in during a swing in the ninth inning of Tuesday's 4-3 loss to the Braves.

If that is accurate, that is good news, but still there is something in the article that is a little unsettling to me.  It is the fact that it has happened before.

This is the second time Ramirez has experienced shoulder problems swinging the bat. Last year, while playing Double-A ball in the Red Sox system, a similar incident happened. He had a big swing and miss on a changeup, resulting in shoulder pain.

A year ago, he missed three games because of his shoulder problem, but he says this pain isn't as severe as it was then.

"It was like three-quarters out [and the shoulder went back in]," said Ramirez of how he felt on Tuesday night. "Last year [when it happened], I got dizzy and I threw up."

Ramirez is a young, in shape, well nurtured athlete and he should recover quickly from this episode. But still I have a concern.

While I have no personal experience with this type of injury, I have seen a friend suffer through it time and time again.

Hopefully this won't be a reoccurring problem for Hanley but it bears watching over the next few years.  Now, I'm not a medical doctor and I don't even play one on TV but there is no way that if it keeps happening that it can't be hard on the tendons.

If Fishfan24 has some free time, which he doesn't, maybe he can enlighten us on the subject.