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Hermida could be Close to Returning

Hermida may be close to returning.

Jeremy Hermida appears ready to return to the Marlins this weekend after playing pain-free in his second consecutive extended spring game.


Hermida turned on the first strike he saw and launched a line-drive home run over the right-field wall. Batting second in every inning, he walked twice and grounded out before rain halted the game in the fourth inning. He did not play the field because of wet conditions.

He could be back with the team for the Tampa Bay series, at best.  In the meantime it is expected he will join the Jupiter club for a full test of his readiness.

The key here is not to rush him but to make sure he is healthy.  There isn't a reason on this earth to hurry him back.  If he is good to go, then great, send him on.  If there is any doubt, err to the side of caution.

But I'm sure they know that - I hope they know that.