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Mock Draft

A word about MarlinsDraft06 diary:  fellow SBN site Minor League Ball is holding their annual amateur draft.

You need to go to Minor League Ball to get a full understanding of what is going on.

Now, why we have a Yankee's fan as our Scouting Director - I can't say.  But he needs our input.

If you have any thoughts on who the Marlins should select in the upcoming draft, be sure to leave a comment in the his diary.

I'm not sure what is the real goal of the Mock Draft.  Whether it is to try and match what the club will do or whether we are getting to play GM for a day.

If it is trying to duplicate the organization, I agree with Maverick - we are the Marlins - we only select pitchers.

If it is something else, I'm totally useless.  Most year's I wait until the club makes its picks and say:  Who?!?

Then I find out about them.

Given my lack of knowledge in the area, my strategy would be to draft anyone from Rice who is draft eligible.  That has been my strategy for many, many years.

I'm definitely not saying it is a good strategy and I'm sure you know a better one.  But it is the only one I know.

Anyway, he needs our help.  If you have any suggestion please give them freely.