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San Antonio pulls offer

MLB stepped in and made a decision.  Consequently, Bexar County officials pulled their offer of $200 million off the table.

"We are not in a position to affirmatively approve the relocation of the Marlins to San Antonio right now," wrote Robert DuPuy, president and chief operating officer of Major League Baseball, in a letter to Bexar County leader Nelson Wolff. "We are working closely with the Marlins to secure a stadium in Florida and are hopeful that after twelve years, this process will be coming to a successful conclusion promptly."

In his own letter Monday, Wolff said he wold not extend the May 15 deadline.

"As a consequence, the offer to contribute up to $200 million to help fund a new ballpark must also come off the table," wrote Wolff, head of the Bexar County Commission.

No real surprises there but that isn't the interesting part.

"The work you have done will not be in vain, since you will have positioned your city to be strongly considered for a future Major League Baseball team," DuPuy wrote. "If the Marlins do not reach a successful conclusion, we would, of course, intensify our discussions with you."

Wolff said San Antonio would welcome the chance to continue talks.

"We would happily reengage in discussions with both the Marlins and MLB, but only when the Marlins and MLB finally determine that they want to move the franchise to San Antonio," Wolff wrote.

The San Antonio paper describes it as such:

DuPuy also said San Antonio would be the Marlins' fallback option should the team fail to reach a stadium deal in South Florida.

If a deal can't be struck in Hialeah, San Antonio will most likely be the front runner for the team's new home.

Okay, that isn't altogether a shocker though I can think of three better locations.  But what is surprising is: since when did Major League Baseball start being upfront with possible relocation cities?

I can't remember ever seeing this before.

All I can conclude is San Antonio played this like masters.  Putting up an offer - setting a deadline and being open if MLB and the Marlins really want to move to the city in the future.

I must say: well done San Antonio.

Now let's get the deal done in Hialeah!