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Can't Close the Deal

The Marlins pitchers have been unable to close out hitters or innings for a fair part of the season.  If I remember correctly (I'm having some problems with other websites), our opponents have batted around in at least one inning in 5 of the last 10 games.

The pitchers have been unable to stop the bleeding.  Granted it is not all their fault - some pretty shoddy defense has contributed to these innings when the snowball effect is taking place.

Last night was no exception.  The Braves batted around in the sixth.  But it isn't just the big inning giving the Fish troubles, it is also the inability to close out hitters.

Last night all 11 runs scored by the Braves came with two outs.

I'm not sure what the problem is - a lack of concentration, the players are so young they haven't learned the necessary mental skills to do the job properly or maybe it is something else.

Hopefully as the season progresses the team will get better at closing out hitters and innings.  But until they do, it will be a long and wild ride.