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Too Tired

There's plenty to talk about today, I guess.

The Fish finally won a three game series (against a team that is worse than they are).  

We have some big roster changes (as Maverick noted in his diary, and on his website...)  

We start a four-game series today with the Braves.  I'm already sick of them.  Do we really have to play them sixteen more times?  Bleh.  Well... hopefully they can split the series at least.  Maybe the young starters (now that Nolasco is due to take the hill on Wednesday) can make something happen.  I wonder how old Big Moe feels around these guys?

Anyway... Like I said - plenty to discuss.

I'm just too tired.  

I got nothing - which is less than usual, and you thought that wasn't possible, didn't you?

If you have any other topics to bring out - feel free to do that here.  I'm going back to sleep now.