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The Gift

When Joe decides that Alfredo Amezaga is the right player to send to the outfield, Alfredo takes with him a gift from a very special player.

Vladimir Guerrero gave Alfred Amezaga one of his extra outfielder's gloves to practice with when the two were teammates on the Angels in 2004.

Amezaga is putting the glove to game use with the Marlins.

On Thursday, Amezaga started in center for the second time. He also has started once in right field.

Now, if we can get Amezaga to hit like Vlad we would really be in business.  Not that he is doing poorly batting .286 in a limited role but yet that doesn't strike fear into the hearts of pitchers the way Guerrero does when he is standing in the box.

Alfredo, you have the talisman, it is bound to kick-in and the transformation to happen with unbelievable numbers looming ahead.

But come to think about it, my Air Jordans didn't help one bit in being "Like Mike".

Oh well.

Just enjoy the glove Alfredo and do the best you can.