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Changes may be a coming

If you can add 10 + 1, and I know you can, the Marlins tied a record last night that Nobody wanted to see tied.

Joe wasn't the least bit pleased.

Girardi hinted that the team could soon make changes unless players improve.

"You get tired of seeing mistakes repeated. You get tried of guys making too big of swings. You see some guys making adjustments and other guys aren't. Usually the guys making adjustments stick around the big leagues and guys who don't are up and down,'' he said.

"You've got to want to get better and you've got to think about getting better... ''

The guys are making the same mistakes over and over again, there isn't any doubt about that.  This has been especially true of the last four games.  Experienced teams, worth their salt, don't continually allow a couple of big innings every night to sink their chances of winning the game.

This should and hopefully will change as the season progresses.

But he went on to say something that kinda bothers me a little.

"...This is your job. This is not for fun. Baseball, to me, is not fun at this level."

I understand he is trying to install a work ethic into the players.  I do realize that it is important to teach them how to win and be professional.  But when your job ceases to be "fun" and declared that it should't be "fun" by your boss, but only a pragmatic exercise on a daily basis - this isn't necessarily a good thing.