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Start spreading the news

Some of the young Marlins received their first introduction to The City.

...Reggie Abercrombie, Uggla, Eric Reed and Ricky Nolasco never had been to New York City before the team arrived early Thursday morning. The four spent most of the off-day Thursday walking around the city.


Abercrombie, Uggla, Reed, Jeremy Hermida and Chris Aguila got tickets for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Did anyone see The Daily Show on Thursday?  Did Jon Stewart mention they were in the crowd?

I didn't see the show since the hotel I was staying at in Houston didn't provide Comedy Central amongst its selections.

If on the off chance he did, I maybe able to talk someone into providing a clip of it.

Please let me know.

Aside: I am starting to understand why we did so poorly yesterday.  It's hard to play with deer in the headlights eyes.