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Travel Day (for Craig - not the team)

[editor's note, by wiggins] - One more from Craig, obviously.

Today is a travel day.

Yes - Wiggins, I am finally heading to a place where I have the ability to post my own stuff.  Since I have an early a.m. flight I haven't had the time to check all the news for today.  But if need be, we will catch up tomorrow.

I'm leaving my hometown after a delightful time of seeing old friends and family.  While that is always nice, it is also somewhat depressing - the leaving that is.

Things at site should be returning to normal (whatever that means) in the next few days.  Though, I'm not completely sure that is a good thing but it is what the future holds.  When I get to my destination I will sort out every blurry picture I took and see if there is one worth presenting - however I don't have my hopes up.

Intercontinental, I am on my way.  I hope I don't miss my plane like I did last time.  But come to think about it, the girl in the airport bar was real cute...