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SA Lobos? - Paging Dr F

[editor's note, by wiggins] - From Craig!

After reading the comments yesterday, this one is for Dr. F.

A suggestion about baseball in San Antonio.
If (or when) this city gets a team, there's going to be a lot of talk about the name.
Since there aren't many big game fish along the San Antonio River, "Marlins" would have to go.
Here's an idea: What about the San Antonio Lobos?
Over the past few weeks, we have heard some suggestions, but Lobos is easily the best. It's catchy, it could lead to some great uniforms and it would be a wonderful way to honor County Judge Nelson Wolff for his efforts.
What do you think?

While I like the Whatevers better, the good citizens, or at least this guy, of San Antonio would like to rip-off the name of the University of New Mexico or possibly the name of East L.A. band and make it their own, should the franchise, please don't, move there.*

I will answer your question later tonight in the meantime I wanted to keep you up to date.

* I'm going to get myself in so much trouble with the citizens of San Antonio and the weird thing is: I like the city.  C'est la vie.