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Ball toss!

[editor's note, by wiggins] - More from Craig.

Last night I was asked by the guy sitting next to me:  why do they keep stopping play and throwing the ball out?  To which I replied:  in that case it was Ramirez's first triple in the majors.

When Hanley Ramirez singled Monday for his first major-league hit, timeout was called, the ball was thrown into the Marlins' dugout, and assistant trainer Mike Kozak wrapped the sphere in a sanitary sock for safekeeping.

The process was repeated Tuesday when Dan Uggla and Reggie Abercrombie collected the first hits of their big-league careers.
Kozak said he has never been so inundated.
''I'd say, on the average, I'll do three or four a year, never three or four in a week,'' he said.

It has been kinda interesting the last two days watching the game stop and the ball tossed towards the Marlins dugout.  It's a rarity at most games but at a Marlins game this season - it's an everyday event.