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Crawford Boxes

[editor's note, by wiggins] - this is actually from Craig, as would be obvious enough to anyone who would read it, I imagine.  Apparently he is now having trouble even writing to the site, so he is sending me texts to post for him.  Sorry, Craig!

Last night's seating location was in Minute Maid Park's famed Crawford Boxes.  It was definitely an adventure for a Marlins fan.

My Mom, you remember her, was feeling well enough that I could go to game with a clear conscience but not well enough to attend.  Before I left for the park she asked me to get her one of the commemorative National League Championship rings they were handing out to the first 30,000 people and I agreed.

What a joke.  Instead of giving out the rings at the gate they were giving them out in four appointed locations in the concourse.  So you had 30,000 people trying to queue up to get this thing.

What that meant was when the actual ring conferral took place the vast majority of the fans where waiting in line and not in their seats.  A poorly thought out plan.

When I finally completed my mission I went to my seat in the Crawford Boxes.  By this time, Cabrera and Willingham had already hit their back-to-back home runs.  Therefore I entered the section with the Marlins up 3 to 0.  Let's just say it was less than a warm reception judging by the glares.

The citizens of the Crawford Boxes seem to be a bit more on the rowdy side.  Definitely more taunting than the day before but funny and good natured.  I was told in no uncertain terms that there was no-way I was getting to keep a home run ball hit by a Marlin. (They do that Wrigley throw it back thing)  I asked if it was okay if I caught one hit by an Astro and threw it back.  I'm still waiting for them to get back to me on that.

When the score was about 8-0 the guy behind me said something on the order of: You're still here.  To which I replied: Hey, I can't help it if your pitcher is throwing batting practice.  He just laughed.

The guy who sat beside me was completely cool.

So if go to the Crawford Boxes dressed as a Marlins fan bring your sense of humor because they have brought theirs.

Aside:  Last night was not a good night to give out rings.  You already know what happened to the Astros.  The White Sox received their World Series rings last night as well and lost to Cleveland 8-2.  I wonder if they had to queue up in lines that encompassed the stadium also.