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Beinfest Extension

I was happy to see this note in this article -

On Monday, the Marlins announced general manager Larry Beinfest, assistant general manager Mike Hill, vice president of player development and scouting Jim Fleming and vice president of player personnel Dan Jennings have had their contracts extended through the 2010 season.

As much as we may have some serious beef with the way the ownership has treated this team, its fans and just in general been pretty shady and less-than-wonderful...  Beinfest has seemingly done a great job in some pretty difficult circumstances over his time here, including putting together the 2003 team, don't forget.  While I am still not happy about the fire-sale, he seems to have done a very good job in getting great value for the guys he was forced to get rid of.  

I am happy to see them keep him around and hope he actually serves out the life of that contract here with the Marlins.  

Here's to Larry!