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Rox Girl

Rox Girl is the only female blogger in the Sports Blog Nation, as far as I know.  She brings to the table something that the rest of us can't provide - a woman's point of view.

Women, at times, see things from a different perspective than men.  Not better and definitely not worse, but different.  Women also have a strength, if you will, that men don't possess.  

We can all add 2+2 and do the analytical part of the game but her analysis brings something I can't. And quite honestly, I don't want to, because it's not me. But I'm always interested to read her thoughts on any matter that appeals to me.

Do I really care about the day-to-day activities of the Rockies?  Well, frankly, no.  But when it comes to baseball, in general, I enjoy her opinion.  I find her point of view sometimes very enlightening.

My nickname "craig", which is also my first name, big surprise, is registered at many sites in the Sports Blog Nation.  The first was FishStripes, of course, the second was Purple Row.

Do I really love a woman whom I don't know but who enters into a male centric domain and makes it all the better for her presence there?

Yeah, in someways, I guess I do.