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Opening Day!!!

I am giddy.

Of course that may be a factor of the lack of sleep, more than anything else...

But no!  It's opening day, baby!  

And somehow I contrived to get the day off.  It will be a veritable orgy of baseball here at the casa de Wiggins.  And we are only a couple of hours away from the first pitch of the first game!

But most importantly - we are only eight hours away from the first pitch of the new-look Marlins season.  

Seriously - I am excited.  My body is doing things that I probably shouldn't describe in polite company... but let's put it this way - the headlights are on, people.  

I hope that everyone here, if they can't actually go to the game (like that lucky bastard Craig), can get to a TV, or at least watch it on (which will be my option, I think) or listen somehow.  It's finally time!

It's here!

It's opening day, people!  Get excited!!!