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More Denials on the Willis Trade

There aren't many people in the front office I trust.  Loria has been somewhat upfront as the Marlins owner but he has to be watched and watched very closely.  Samson, I'm not sure how far I could throw him but I'm guessing it isn't very far.

Larry Beinfest, on the other hand, I do trust.  And when he comes out with a statement concerning a trade deal, I take note.

General Manager Larry Beinfest isn't one to comment on trade rumors. The absurdity of this one was enough to prompt him to address it.


"What gnaws at me in this instance is the phone call was never made," Beinfest said. "I've talked to Omar three times since New Year's. Once because of a rainout in spring training, the second to check on the availability of a minor league player and after the rainout at Shea Stadium."

Since Beinfest is saying the trade offering of Willis is a load of crap, my inclination is to believe him.