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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Marlins at Cubs (4/26)

In the first two games of the series with the Cubs, the Marlins had good starting pitching performances but unfortunately neither translated into a win.  So tonight the Fish look to avoid the sweep.

The starting pitcher for the Marlins will be Scott Olsen.  The Cubs, in his Major League debut, will counter with Angel Guzman.

Game is at 2:20 p.m.

Guzman is up from the Triple-A club in Iowa for which he has made three starts this season.  For a normal Major League club about to face him this would pose a dilemma but our Fightin' Fish aren't exactly a normal club.  Two of Angel's starts this season have been against the Isotopes and therefore some our players have seen him before.

I will let Matt Cepicky handle the scouting report:

"Sinker-slider guy, throws the ball pretty hard," said Matt Cepicky, who faced him earlier this month in the minors. "If I remember him correctly, hittable. He's got good stuff, but he's not unhittable."

Okay, this guy is hittable.  If it is not too much of an inconvenience would y'all mind proving it.

Game time temperature is expected to be in the upper 50's with a 10 mph wind blowing in from left field.  I guess this is what passes for a balmy day in April in the City of Chicago.

Ichthyomancy is ready to go.  Get your picks in early since it is a day game.

You are more than welcome to join us if you haven't already.  For all you Cubbie fans who keep hitting this site during the series you are free to join in too.  Just pick your favorite Cub, the attendance and something unordinary to happen in the game.  It's easy.

Here's today's Ichthyomancy pick table:

FishStriper Attendance Player AAB
Colombo 34,996 Ramirez Borowski: Save
Dan 35,353 Cabrera Fish: 3+ SB
Double B 23,451 Olsen Marlins P walk 10
Dr F
Fishfan Cabrera Bench clearing brawl
Fluxuation 37,240 Willingham Cabrera & Willingham back to back HR
HadMatter 38,420 Cabrera Marlins: double digit H
Jscape 23,765 Ramirez Marlins: IBB except Cabrera
Jsprt06 36,099 Jacobs Olsen: 8+ IP, 6 H
NULaw 37,500 Ramirez Back to Back HR
Zheke 23,588 Olsen Olsen: 10 K

Best of Luck to Everyone!