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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Marlins at Cubs (4/24)

Okay - the boys head out to Chicago today.  I won't invoke any ghosts of 2003.  Don't worry.

Hopefully the "Good Fish" show up today, especially as the game is on national television - ESPN, 7:05.  I'm happy just because I get to watch a game, finally!

Vargas v. Zambrano.  Pierre v. my heart.  It will be a long night, my friends.

I'll hopefully be around tonight to bug people - no more opera for me!

For some reason, I am not getting the Ichthyomancy table to work for me right now.  We'll get it up later - get your picks in now, though!

Here's today's Ichthyomancy pick table:

FishStriper Attendance Player AAB
Bobbob 30,999 Cabrera Pierre SB>Fish SB
Colombo 25,474 Ramirez Marlins: PH RBI
Dan 34,708 Jacobs Marlins CF H>Pierre H
Double B 23,451 Vargas Marlins P walk 10
Dr F 31,000 Ramirez Marlins: Bat K>Pitch K
Fishfan 31,000 Cabrera Bench clearing brawl
Fluxuation 36,543 Willingham Marlins C: CS Pierre at 2B
Hadmatter 38,888 Catcher No SB for Pierre
Jscape 23,765 Ramirez Marlins: IBB except Cabrera
Jsprt06 35,764 Cabrera Marlins: 3 consecutive XBH
Maverick 32,004 Cabrera 2 back to back HRs
NULaw 37,501 Willingham Vargas IP>Zambrano IP

Best of Luck to Everyone!