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Former Marlins Update

Since we (and by "we, I mean "me") just talked about missing Beckett and Burnett, etc.  It got me thinking - how ARE the old guys doing?  

I mean - I AM actually pretty happy with the team we have now and excited for the future (although - what is this deal with the Willis/Wright trade talk rumor?  I mean, c'mon?  Don't get me started... not that David Wright isn't an amazing talent... sorry, sorry...)

Okay - anyway.  Back on topic.  How are the old boys doing that we were supposed to miss so much?  

I think I'll focus mainly on guys that left just in this last fire-sale and had been with the team for a while - preferrably contributing to the 2003 squad.  

Positional players -

Mike Lowell - has started to hit a bit again this year - he isn't what he used to be, but then he isn't what he was last year, either.  He's batting .277 for the Sox with one bomb and 8 RBI in 65 AB.  Obviously, I'd rather have Miggy at third.

Seabass - is stinking up the joint, at least with his bat.  .211 with no power (.263 slugging) and 4 RBI in 57 AB.  I'll take Hanley, thanks.  Although - I wouldn't mind having Alex's glove...

Luis Castillo - he's hitting very well and really helping the Twins.  His OBP is a sick .481, and he is even stealing some bags.  From what I hear, he's also playing some good D (as we had come to expect).  I'm sad.  Of course - he's also hurt... and Uggla's been popping them out of the park of late...

Juan Pierre - he isn't getting on base too much (.301 is not that great an OBP), but he is stealing some bags and scoring runs.  I imagine the Cubs are happy with him (as they can only compare him to Corey Patterson of late - they have to be!)  With our current center-field situation - I do miss him very much...

(Delgado's killing the ball (I miss him) - Lo Duca is hitting right about where you'd expect (I can live without him) and Encarnacion is stinking up the place in STL)

Pitchers -

Burnett - just went on his annual DL trip.  After just coming off the DL.  Oops.  I'm sure he'll be fine.

Beckett - is pitching like a god.  Jerk.  Somehow this actually doesn't make me miss him - it pisses me off.  I almost can't wait for that first blister to appear...  but I'm not bitter.

Overall - I'd have to say that this quick and dirty little excercise made me feel a lot better.  I realize that this is a very small sample size and all, but still...

The team we have will lose a lot of game, but, quite possibly, the team we had was not going anywhere, either.  Maybe the whole fire-sale thing wasn't such a bad thing.  

No, damnit.  I still want to be pissed.