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Stealing Home

Another first was achieved in last night's game, it's kinda like that every night but I digress:

Never mind that Dan Uggla did it on the back end of a double steal. It goes down in the record books as a steal of home, and it made the difference in Florida's 4-3 win against the Phillies on a chilly Friday night at Citizens Bank Park.


"I saw the throw was high over his head and said, 'Well, might as well give it a shot. We need that run,' '' Uggla said. "I got a good jump at third and just kept going.''

Uggla trotted home without a slide.

"They didn't even make a throw back to home. Nice, quick and easy,'' he said.

When he came into the dugout, he didn't realize he'd stolen home.

"I had no clue. Somebody said, 'Congratulations on your first stolen base.' I said, 'OK. When did I do it' ?"

I knew our team was young but I didn't know that what constitutes a stolen base would have to be explained to them. The previous sentence was written with a grin. This team keeps growing on me.

It looks like this season is going to be interesting, in one way or another, all year long.

In case you were wondering the last time a Marlin stole home, it was Juan Pierre on July 23, 2004 in Montreal.  It was also part of a double steal.