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San Antonio may have an Alernative

It turns out that if the Marlins can't make the deadline, the Alamo City has a fallback plan.

Sometimes, all you have to do is click your (snow-encrusted boot) heels together three times and repeat "I think I can curl ... I think I can curl ... I think I can curl," and voila, San Antonio has a curling club, now online at

The founding curlers are sponsoring a demo and open house April 29 at the Ice Center at Northwoods, and that's about all the content of the Web site right now. Bring your sweater (you won't need to wear it outside) and dig up those slick-soled shoes, 'cause we're goin' curling.

Imagine if curling takes off here ... hundreds of kids around town talking to each other on their cell phones about ice quality and broom technology ... the Curling Store ... Olympic trials and world championships in the Alamodome. Who needs the Marlins?

The funny thing is:  I like curling.  I always have since the first time I watched the sport on PBS.  I don't think they show it on PBS anymore or anywhere else that I am aware of but it still intrigues me.

Curling in San Antonio - that is something I can get behind.