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Day Off Today

The team has the day off as they travel to Philadelphia for Friday's opening game of the series.

Joe after yesterday's game held a closed door meeting with the team.

That's embarrassing,'' said the Marlins manager after a sloppy 9-8 loss to the Reds on Wednesday. "We can't keep making mistakes. Seventeen days in, we can't keep making the same mistakes. They've worked their butts off and you can't throw it away because you want to try and do too much.''


"They've got to concentrate more,'' Girardi said

Granted they keep making the same mistakes but I'm not sure berating them is the way to go.

Girardi is, obviously, much closer and more in tune with the team than I am or ever will be.  But from watching them play a third are hurrying everything they do due to the increase in speed of the game over the Double-A level.  Another third are playing scared, scared they will be sent down.

I understand with veteran teams, which become lackadaisical, sometimes you need to shake them up.  But with this team, at this point, they look extremely tight and they need to loosen up.

I'm not sure getting on to them will help and it may even hurt.  But once again, I'm sure he knows the team better than I could ever hope to.