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A Couple of First

Might as well do some baseball news since everything isn't about relocation.

The top of the order last night was spot on good and David Pinto at Baseball Musings had this to say:

Hanley Ramirez not only hit his first major league home run of(f) Eric (Milton), he hit his second as well! Number two hitter Dan Uggla added one as well. I guess the table setters are busing the tables tonight.

I wish I had been clever enough to say that analogy but alas, I'm not and never will be.

Ramirez, Shadez if you will, hit the first lead off home run since Juan Pierre did it on July 7, 2005 against Milwaukee.  Not only that he was the second lead off hitter in Marlins history to hit two home runs in a game.  The first was Devon White.

Hanley wasn't the only one shining - Josh Johnson got his first major league win of his career.

To which Josh had this to say:

'It was really exciting,'' Johnson said of his victory. "I've been dreaming about this for a long time.''

Talk about your yin-yang season.  It's great to see the young players reach their first major league plateaus but on the other hand we are subjected to games like on Monday night.

It's all part of being a Marlins fan, I suppose.