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San Antonio Sets a Deadline

San Antonio puffs out their chest and demands attention.  I really need to tone it down about the Alamo City.

As expected the city set a deadline for MLB and the Marlins.

Bexar County officials have decided to play hardball on the subject of a second major league sports franchise for San Antonio.

County Judge Nelson Wolff, the point man in discussions about the possible relocation of Major League Baseball's Florida Marlins to the city, said today he is imposing a May 15 deadline for the team to commit to a plan to move here.

Wolff said he will fax a letter to Marlins president David Samson this afternoon informing the team of the deadline.

Wow, they didn't even give the Marlins 30-days.  But if that is their time frame - that's their time frame.

Here is the letter:

Dear David:

There are only a few moments in the life of a city when political will and leadership are coupled with the financial ability to forge a public-private partnership to build a major sports facility for a relocating team. That moment now exists in San Antonio. It would be in the "best interest of Baseball" for the Marlins to seize this moment.

But as I state in my letter of March 12, there are time restraints. In order to leave adequate time to: reach required agreements, find a suitable stadium location and organize a campaign, we need to fish or cut bait by May 15.

Sincerely yours,

Nelson W. Wolff

CC: Robert A. DuPuy, President & CEO Major League Baseball

I think it's great that they mention Eaglephin's blog in the letter.  You can't get that type of advertising everywhere.  Congrats Eaglephin!

I don't see anyway MLB and the Marlins will be able to meet this deadline.  If the city really thinks pressuring the two is going to cause them to bat an eye, they are sadly mistaken.

I don't know if San Antonio is setting a quick deadline because they want out or if they don't understand how slowly things move within baseball.

But I do know this, I loved the colloquialism Dr F used in describing the situation:  "But at least San Antonio seems to be trying to spit the bit as far as getting the Marlins to move."

If the deadline proves effective, I will be stunned.