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Sad Mood

(Going back to the beginning, here.  The man - Sam Cooke.)

So we've had a rough first two weeks.  

At least we still have more wins than hurt players!


Maybe I should try a different angle...

At least we haven't been swept in a series that went the full three games yet!

That actually makes me feel a little better.

As has been observed here and elsewhere - the two main things that must be kept in mind with this team are -

  1. They are very, very talented.
  2. They are very, very inexperienced - and therefore will be VERY inconsistent with their play (game to game, inning to inning).
You really just have NO idea what you are going to get from them one day to the next!  So think of it like this - every time you go to the park, or watch a game on the television, is a chance to see something you have never seen before!  Possibly very good - or truly awe-inspiringly wretched.

While I have only been able to catch one of their games on TV ( doesn't count - bleh) - I have to say, I enjoyed the hell out of it.  Seeing Martinez's wicked stuff live was great (I will be very sorry if he has to go on the DL).  I wasn't sure how many of their games at RFK I was going to try and get to (cause it's a real pain to get down there) but now I think I need to get to as many as physically possible (which still might not be that many).  I also will try and get out to the series at Camden Yards (which is much nicer, anyway - and likely to be empty at that point).  

I want to see these guys play - and I want to watch them figure these things out.  Yes - it will suck mightily at times.  Hopefully as the season goes on they will get better.  Who knows?  Maybe they will actually win a series - or three games in a row - at some point.

A man can dream.

Till then - I'll keep the Sam Cooke on an infinite loop.  Is there nothing that man can't make better?