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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Marlins at Reds (4/17)

What? A weekday evening game?


Anyway - The Fish go on the road tonight beginning a nine-game road trip.

Big Moe prominates again - which scares me at the GAB, frankly. Hopefully he'll keep SOME balls in the park. He'll be up against Brandon Claussen, though - so he still has a decent chance to win!

7:10 game time.

I might be around tonight to bother people - but make sure you get you picks in. Colombo may be in the lead right now, but even if you haven't started playing yet, you can still catch up to THAT punk!


We kid because we love.

Here's today's Ichthyomancy pick table - if you don't see your name, it's because you haven't played yet or because we haven't seen you in a while (Fishfan I'm looking at you):

FishStriper Attendance Player AAB
Colombo 20,273 Ramirez Marlins: 10-plus H
Dan 12,887 Cabrera Helms: PH HR
Double B 23,451 Moehler Marlins P walk 10
Dr F 13,702 Willingham Game: 8-plus HR
Eaglephin 13,653 Cabrera Moehler: IP<3; bullpen bound
Fluxuation 18,534 Cabrera Cabrera & Willinham: back-to-back HR
Hadmatter 17,777 Jacobs Helms+Treanor=4 RBI
Jsprt06 17,345 Cabrera Fish K=Reds H
Maverick 27,000 Willingham Willingham: 3 XBH, 7 RBI
StrandedX02 15,327 Willingham Moehler: 6 IP, 4 ER