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Youthful but Colorful

I didn't get to see yesterday's game but by all accounts Patterson's breaking ball was just plain nasty.

David Pinto at Baseball Musings had this to say about it:

John Patterson is making mincemeat out of the Marlins lineup tonight.


...Patterson pitches are really moving tonight. His curve is very sharp, and his fastball is hitting the corners.

Now, that is the way David Pinto described Patterson's pitching action.  

After the game, Mike Jacobs was interviewed about facing Patterson:

"When you can throw your fastball to both sides of the plate and have a Bugs Bunny curveball and a good slider working for you, you're probably going to do pretty good," Marlins first baseman Mike Jacobs said.

Mind you, it wasn't a Blyleven curve nor a Zito curve, it was a Bugs Bunny curve.

That's cool - I know what a Bugs Bunny curve looks like.

Ah, sometimes it's good to have a young team.