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San Antonio is getting Antsy

The Alamo city is getting a bit impatient with the Marlins front office and MLB.

County Judge Nelson Wolff said Saturday his patience is wearing thin over the length of time it is taking the Florida Marlins to say whether they will pursue relocation to San Antonio.

With that in mind, Wolff promised to slap a deadline on the team this week.

"We are not going to play this game too long," Wolff said. "We know the Marlins need to get a stadium deal done in Florida. They've made that clear. But they're going to have to burn a little midnight oil. We aren't going to wait on them too much longer."


"He (DuPuy) said, 'We will try to have something to you by May 15,'" Wolff said. "It seems to me baseball and the Marlins are using each other as an excuse for not getting something done."

San Antonio, apparently, doesn't understand the glacier-like speed at which MLB moves.

It really shouldn't come as a surprise, the Expos/Nationals have been without an owner for about four years and from my understanding there isn't going to be one in the very near future.

I doubt the city setting a deadline will cause any great concern to the League.  I am almost positive it will not hasten the process.  Probably the only thing setting a firm short time frame deadline will do is take the city out of the running as a relocation site.