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Trade Rumors

Geez, since Baseball Tonight brought it up and jfirestone2004 put a diary up concerning the rumors I guess I should, at least partially, address them.

Loria made his first statement about the rumors:

The Florida Marlins have no immediate plans to trade either Dontrelle Willis or Miguel Cabrera, team owner Jeffrey Loria said Friday.

"They are so unfounded as to be ridiculous," Loria said of recent trade rumors involving the Marlins' two star players. "We are not shopping players. We're rebuilding a team here."


Loria, angered by the reports, said he does not normally comment on trade rumors. But Loria, speaking just hours before Willis was scheduled to start against the Washington Nationals, said he felt it was necessary to do so this time because he called the rumors "unfounded" and "irresponsible."

Downside: Loria made about the same statement on the Delgado trade rumors, though not quite so passionately.  Last time I checked the Marlins roster I didn't see Carlos' name on it.

But that is the downside and doesn't mean anything at this point in time.

I tend to believe Loria in this - I don't think it makes any sense whatsoever to shop the two star players now.  The only thing that could be achieved by doing this is to get an idea of their value on the open market.  Given how capable Beinfest is in his job, the info is not needed.

Willis and Cabrera aren't going anywhere for awhile.  If the Marlins begin to toy with the idea of trading one or both it won't be until late in the season.

If this rumor becomes more than mere speculation, which is all it is right now, I will say more about it.

In the meantime, rumors such as these are fun bar talk but it is also fantasy world.  You know, you just bought a ticket for the lottery and you're dreaming of the ways to spend the money.

When the fourth of six balls hits, it will be addressed.  At this point the balls aren't even loaded into the machine.