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Attendance at JRS

For those you who have played Ichthyomancy before, you know what is like when the Marlins would play in stadiums that regularly sellout.

The attendance pick is in a very narrow range often being just a few thousand.  It made the pick a crap shoot depending on how many standing room only tickets were sold.

This year's home games maybe something similar but a 180 degrees different.

The average home attendance number the team needs to be above for the year is 7,935 per game.  Which is the lowest attendance mark in the last 20 years.  Guess which club set the record and who was their owner?  No, there are no prizes for guessing correctly.

I don't think the Marlins will get near the record.  I feel that the team will catch on with some of the locals eventually.  At least I hope they do - they deserve to.

But even if I am wrong, the team shouldn't be as bad off as the Braves once were.

Johnson recalls broadcasting a Braves game in Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium with about 2,500 in attendance, He excitedly called a Dale Murphy home run, only to hear a fan call to him from several rows down: "Hey Ernie, keep it down!"