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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Padres at Marlins (4/13)

Maybe the third time will be a charm.  Today and I do mean today, as in the daylight, the Marlins will try to avoid a sweep in their first home series of the season.

Jason Vargas will start for the Fish while Dewon Brazelton will try his best for the Padres.

Game time is at the attendance killing time of 1:05 p.m.

If it is not a problem I am going to remove the numbers from the user ids for the Ichthyomancy table - i.e. supermarlinsfan314159 will be shown as supermarlinsfan. The one exception is jsprt06 due do the shortness of his user id. The reason for this is all of the numbers are running together on the table. If you have a problem with this, please let me know and I will put the numbers back in.

Without further ado:

Here's today's ichthyomancy pick table:

FishStriper Attendance Player AAB
Bobbob 11,283 Hanley Giles BB=Fish E
Carolina 9,457 Hanley Jacobs HR in 5th
Colombo 8,492 Vargas Vargas ER=BB
Double B 17,869 Vargas Marlins P walk 10
Dr F 9,003 Jacobs Brazelton < 5 IP
Hadmatter 8,888 Aguila Vargas 3 RBI
Jsprt06 10,000 Vargas Vargas K = Miggy RBI
Wiggins 6,458 Vargas Khalil's pointy ears pop out from under his cap, stunning crowd

Good Luck!